St Peter's Episcopal Church, Inverkeithing
Hope Street, Inverkeithing and Inverkeithing High School, Hillend Road                             

History 1960s onwards

1960s and 70s


Rev. Colin Preston-Thomas is appointed to Rosyth and Inverkeithing. The Struan Place rectory has been sold some time previously and a new rectory built in the grounds of St. Andrew’s and St. George’s in Rosyth.


Building begins at Dalgety Bay. Some residents attend St. Peter’s.


Rev. Stuart Campbell is appointed. He is the last clergyman to live in the rectory at Rosyth.


When Rev. S Campbell moves away Inverkeithing and Rosyth churches are linked with St. Finnian’s, Lochgelly, under its rector, the Rev. Jim Baker, to form the ILR Group.


Tom Dennison and Ron Bowlzer of Inverkeithing congregation are among the first non-stipendiary clergy ordained in the Diocese.
Val Armstrong is Sunday school leader and the Sunday school opens again for a number of years. Alex Armstrong, a member of the congregation, begins training for the ministry.
The non-stipendiary clergy in the ILR Team are Rev. Tom Dennison (Inverkeithing) and Rev. John Marshall (Rosyth), joined later by Rev. Ron Bowlzer. The rector, Canon J Baker, and all the non-stipendiaries take turns to conduct services at Inverkeithing.
Mrs Newbone is 100 years old.
Tom Dennison becomes the first non-stipendiary Canon.


We sell the land on which the hall stood. A hotel is subsequently built on the site (later to become a children’s home).

1980s and 90s


We split the church building into a worship area (original chancel) and a hall with kitchen (the original nave).
Dancing and yoga classes begin in the hall and continue for about 10 years or so.


Mothers’ Union branch revived and continues for about 20 years.
During the 1980s Jim Oliver makes and presents a new altar and lectern to the church.


Rev. Canon Jim Baker leaves and the Bishop appoints Tom Dennison as administrator. Canon Tom Dennison continues to serve at St. Peter’s until his death in 1989. During Canon Dennison’s time the church silver is stolen but recovered. We remove the rood screen. We begin to use the blue book liturgy (Scottish Liturgy 1982) and we buy new hymn books (Hymns Ancient and Modern, New Standard).


Inverkeithing becomes part of the West Fife Group (with Dunfermline, Aberdour, Burntisland and Lochgelly), under Rev. David Redwood.
Around this time St. Andrew’s and St. George’s in Rosyth is demolished and we sell the rectory. The Rosyth congregation continue to worship in the Salvation Army Hall for a time. Canon T Dennison looks after Inverkeithing, Rev. John Marshall, Rosyth and Rev. Ron Bowlzer, Burntisland.


Around 1990 the Salvation Army Hall in Rosyth is demolished, the congregation disbanded and Rev John Marshall retires.


The “Green Gang” begins, to maintain the Jamestown Pond.


The first female priests are ordained in our diocese, including Valerie Nellist, a member of our congregation, who becomes part of the West Fife Team Ministry, responsible for Inverkeithing. Rev. Jean Cook also joins the Team around now and looks after Aberdour.


Rev. Canon David Redwood retires.
The Bishop institutes the ABI Group – Aberdour, Burntisland and Inverkeithing, with Val Nellist as Rector of Burntisland and in charge of the group. Lay ministers and lay visitors begin to serve within the group.


We purchase additional hymn books, to give more variety to our worship (Songs of God’s People and Common Ground).



We celebrate 2000 years of Christianity.


Norma Barr, a member of our congregation, is ordained after a period of training for the ministry. She joins the ABI clergy team as a non-stipendiary curate. Rev. Norma will conduct many of our services over the next two years.


Rev. Jean Cook retires but will conduct the occasional service at Inverkeithing.


Rev. Norma departs to a post in America.
St. Peter’s celebrates the centenary of the building.


Rev. Graham Opperman comes from South Africa and lives in the area for a year. He joins the ABI clergy team as a non-stipendiary curate and conducts many of our services during his time with us.

Green Gang outdoor activities wind down about now. However, indoor joint meeting with the Scottish Wildlife Trust continues each January.


Rev. Canon Val Nellist continues to conduct services on alternate Sundays, while on the other Sundays services are mainly lay led.


Retired priest Rev. Malcolm Richardson joins the ABI clergy team and conducts the occasional service at Inverkeithing.

New ballet dancing classes begin in the hall. The Inverkeithing Step Dancers also make use of the premises.


Rev. Maureen Stirzaker, on retiring from a post in England, comes to live in Aberdour. She joins the ABI clergy team as a non-stipendiary assistant priest.

Sunday School revives with 3 or 4 children attending each week.


Old altar scrapped to make room for developments.

Rev. Canon Val Nellist retires at the end of June this year after 15 years as rector. Rev. Maureen Stirzaker takes charge during the vacancy. Lay ministers continue to take some services. 

Lay reader, Margaret Dineley, arranged to assist with preaching from time to time. The lay worship leaders, appointed around 1999, continue to lead reserved sacrament services but without a sermon.

 2014 In April, Val Nellist, our previous rector, and her husband, Bob, donate a lecturn Lectionary and two pew Lectionaries to the Church as a
momento of their time with us.

In June, Interim-rector Rev. Maureen Stirzaker hands over the keys of the church to the Rev. Dean Norby. Dean is now in charge of the ABI group: i.e. St. Peter's along with St. Columba's, Aberdour and St. Serf's, Burntisland.

Dean's appointment is part of a strategic Church Graft, a partnership between the ABI Group churches, the Diocese and Dean's previous church, St. Paul's and St. George's in Edinburgh, who are providing a 'graft' of people and some financial support which will help lift our churches' presence in the area.

Rev. Dean Norby conducts Sunday services every two or three weeks. On other Sundays the services are lay led. Rev. Dean arranges for visiting lay readers to come and preach, mainly Ian Young and David James.

Rev. Dean introduces us to Connect Groups (house meetings for prayer, praise and Bible study). He also tries out a Tuesday early morning prayers service, once a fortnight.


The ABI group of churches now goes under the name ‘All Souls Fife’. It still consists of the three churches: St. Peter’s, Inverkeithing, St. Columba’s, Aberdour and St. Serf’s, Burntisland.

At the end of January we exchange our 11am Sunday morning Sung Eucharist at St. Peter’s Church building for a contemporary family style of worship at Inverkeithing High School. The move is part of the Fife Church Graft whereby people from St. Paul's and St. George's, Edinburgh, who live in Fife, have come to join us. Attendance increases from around 15 to around 50. Sunday school continues but now at the High School.

Rev. Dean introduces a new service of worship and prayer at St. Peter’s Church on a Sunday evening, at 6pm, on the 1st Sunday of each month.

Lay reader, Carol Latimer, joins the ministry team of All Souls Fife.

Mrs Connie Dennison, wife of the late Rev. Canon Tom Dennison, priest at St. Peter's until 1989, is 100 years old.

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